Why I Am Running For CongressCharles Eller For Congress, 10th District of North Carolina

I’m running for Congress because our nation is in danger of collapsing unless patriotic Americans like me take a stand. If not me, then who? If not now, then when? Today, too many of our political leaders from both parties lack the courage to stand up and do the right thing. They no longer represent the citizens that voted for them and instead represent the political establishment and the political donors that give them money and work against the interest of the American people.

My political allegiance isn’t to the lobbyist or the donor class. My allegiance is to the Constitution that I will swear to uphold, the people of the 10th District of North Carolina, my God that created me and died for me, and the political convictions that have motivated me to seek this office.

I have the courage to state publicly what most people think privately but are too afraid to speak up because of fear of ridicule or retaliation. I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. I am one of you and I will stand up and fight for you and I will fight to protect America for our posterity, fight for our shared values, fight for our Constitution, and fight to continue the hard work President Donald Trump began in 2016.

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